Bay & Bow Windows


Bay windows are often associated with the historic charm on older properties. But, in modern day architecture and development, these designs are often used on many contemporary projects, from new construction to minor renovations.

This type of windows protrude out from the side of a building, with a large pane in front and two angled windows on the side of this connecting to the rest of the structure. The space, or “bay”, created by this design lends these windows their name.

Despite the initial cost of installation compared with flush or traditional alternatives, there are many advantages to “bays” that can save you money or add value to the home down the line.

The first advantage comes from improved natural light in your home. The amount of sunlight a bay window can let inside a room greatly reduces the need to switch the light on during the day. This, will significantly lower your daytime use of electricity. Therefore, cutting down your monthly electrical costs.

Secondly, the panoramic views created by the three connected window panes is highly desirable and many prospective purchasers are willing to pay a premium for them. Finally, they add physical space to a room, in addition to making it look much bigger, creating value and raising the price.

One potential drawback of bay windows is reduced climate control, however new window technology and the incorporation of materials such as vinyl have greatly improved the performance of modern versions.


Millions and millions around the world choose to add bow windows to their homes for a number of reasons. Definitely one of the most versatile and visually appealing home windows you can choose from today. This type of window can easily transform the aesthetics and overall appearance of any house, new or old. Modern architects love using this five piece window in order to create the illusion of a much spacious interior.

Besides visually increasing the amount of space in a room, and adding architectural details to the exterior of a property, bow windows bring in more light. The five panel window, if installed with clear glass, can add a natural illumination to a room, like you have never seen it before.

Due to its rather round shape, this type of windows bring in the light from a variety of angles. This creates a much more brilliant space within the room. Thanks to Canadian Choice’s innovative technology, such large windows are also extremely energy efficient. Our Low-E coating will keep all the radiation out, while letting in the sun rays.

As if that wasn’t enough reason to upgrade to bow windows, they are also very well designed and come in any possible colour out there. We can even make them look like wood on the outside. You won’t be able to tell!

Window styles available at Canadian Choice:
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