If you are looking to replace some old and drafty windows in your home, and you want minimum upkeep, you’ve landed on the right page. Designed to not peel, crack of fade, Canadian Choices’ vinyl windows are as good as it gets.

Maintenance free

If you are tired of refinishing your old wooden windows every other year, you should consider vinyl. Unlike any other material available on the market, vinyl windows are practically maintenance free. They are almost 100% scratch free, unless you try really hard with a very sharp object. Our windows also never have to be stained, scraped or even painted. The main reason for this phenomenon, is that vinyl is resistant to all of the weather elements. As such, it ages at a far lower pace in comparison to wood and aluminum.


Canadian Choice can custom manufacture any size and any style of window in practically any colour. Both inside and outside finishes can be made in a diversity of colours in order to satisfy your taste, as well as your home overall aesthetics.


No matter how you look at it, vinyl is by far the least expensive material that windows are made of. At its current prices, vinyl is around three times less expensive than wood, and just as energy efficient. Also, wood is heavy, it has to be maintained, stained or varnished throughout its lifetime.

Lower energy bills

Speaking of energy efficiency, a triple pane vinyl window will do miracles for your home. The two layers of Argon gas between the panes offer an incomparably high degree of insulation. Canadian Choice’s sealing technology and the use of Cardinal’s glass units will keep your home warm in the winters and cool in the summers. The insulation provided by vinyl windows will be well reflected on your lower energy bills at the end of each month.



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